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Product Version Price*
dBASE PLUS 2019 New
English and German
420.00 350.00
dBASE PLUS 2019 Upgrade
Upgrade English and German
340.00 280.00
dBDOSv New 160.00 99.00
dbDOSvU Upgrade 125.00 80.00
dBase Classsic dBase Classic 85.00 70.00
dBase Classic Bundle dBase Classic + dbDOS 180.00 155.00
dBase Utilities dBase Utilities Bundle 120.00 99.00
dbfExport 2.1 33.00 35.00
dbfImport 33.00 35.00
dbfCompare 33.00 35.00
dbfInspect 65.00 55.00
moveSQL 165.00 145.00
dumpSQL 165.00 145.00

Important: All Product Versions are downloads

Product / Version Language
dBASE Full Version GUI English
dBASE Handbook (elektronic) English
dBASE Online-Help (OLH) English

* Prices are oriented on the original US price but are not identical. Prices may change at short notice due to currency fluctuations. Unles otherwise stated prices are net without delivery or postal charges..


*Upgrades require proof of a previous license.

Systems Engineering is in no way obliged to deliver documentation other than the original English version.

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Consultancy We are glad to provide our customers with the names of experienced and proficient dBase developers.