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Marshallsoft Tools can be ordered directly by us.They include eMail-, FTP- und Serial(COM-Port)-Communications-Software

All Marshallsoft Packages are "shareware". You can download and test them for as long as you like at no cost. The shareware versions contain all the functionality but issue shareware messages.

Registered versions can not be returned or exchanged.

Special prices are available to Students

Delivery is by eMail only. Anonymous email boxes are not accepted.

After one year registered versions can be upgraded for small fees.

SMTP/POP3 EMAIL Engine for Visual dBASE/dB2K/dBase PLUS

Der SMTP/POP3 Engine (SEE4DB) contains a large library of functions with which SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office 3 Protocol) functions can be used. The Functions are easy to use and are well documented.

Using the simple interface modules you can send and receive eMails - including multiple MIME base64 and "quoted-printable" (eg: mails with special language characters). No knowledge of TCP/IP or Winsock is necessary.

Writing programs which send MIME Attachments SEE4DB is extremely easy using SEE4DB. Mails can contain inline HTML, Image attachments such as JPG, TIF, PNG, and BMP. PDF is no problem. You can also employ ISO-8859 properties.

Before actually reading or downloading mails from your mail server you can request header information and also the number of incoming mails.

Sample programs using dBase are included in the packeg together with two extremely simple and usefull utilities.

Registration costs:Euro: 120,-- and contains one year of updates.

FTP Client Engine for Visual dBASE/dB2K/dBase PLUS

Der The FTP-Client-Engine for Visual dBASE/dB2K/dBase PLUS (FCE4DB) contains a library of functions to manage basic FTP functions.

FCE4DB can be included in any application capable of using the windows API functions.

Both ASCII and binary mode are implemented.Wildcards can be used for directory and file names

You can retrieve and navigate thru server directoríes and files on any FTP compliant server. Files can be uploaded or deleted.

Proxy servers can also be used.

The regiseterd version costs 120 Euros and includes one year of updates.

Windows Standard Serial-Communications Library

Die The Windows Standard Serial Communications LibraRY (WSC4DB) is a library of asynchronous serial communications functions based on Windows APIs.

It covers 28 functions + modem control, XMODEM and YMODEM protocolls.

Registration costs:Euro: 120,-- and contains one year of updates.


Students receive a 30% rebate on all Marshallsoft products. To be eligable you must be registered as a student at a school or university. Furthermore you must use the email-address of the school/university when you place your order.

The software may only be used for training/learning. This rebate can not be combined with any other discounts.

Commercial Applications may not be wriotten using the student license.

Marshallsoft have special offers for school and university classes. Call if you need more information.


After one year you can upgrade any Marshallsoft package for another year for just 35 Euros.