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Our Motto: Professional, Value for Money Solutions

With more than forty years of experience as business consultants, systems analysts, database designers, software producers and programmers we can offer individual software solutions at really competative prices. Our predesigned building blocks and software classes with predeveloped modules mean we can design, program and implement solutions rapidly and meeting the requirements our clients require.

Our clients particularly value the fact that our solutions are tailor made to suit their needs and which are not generalised overly complicated systems full of unnecessary and often confusing features and functions.


Easy and little to learn because we keep it simple, use your terminology and avoid unneeded features.

The software will fit your business and you will not have to change the way you do things.

Can be maintained and enhanced at any time with a minimum of effort.

And definitely less expensive than you would have thought

Call us or Email toan: is all you need to do

Contract Programming - Individual Software Solutions

   •     Value for Money

          Fits your business and not the other way round

          Small learning curve through intuative design

          Our building blocks and predesigned classes allow for quick implementation

          Easy to maintain and enhance